Friday 31 August 2018

Caring Hearts Card Drive rides again!

For all of my favorite card-makers, here is some news about this year's Caring Hearts Card Drive, from Vera Yates herself. She and some of the other volunteers have had challenges this past year, but their HEARTS are still going strong. Read on for the details...

A Little Update on Caring Hearts Card Drive

Hi peeps. I've been getting a bunch of email lately asking about Caring Hearts Card Drive. So, I thought I post here to answer everyone as well as mentioning some changes to the card drive.

Yes, I will hold the card drive again this year. This year, I am doing the card drive in honor & in memory of Sean Wilkerson. He's Christy Wilkerson's brother who passed away just this past week. If you remember, last year, Christy helped with collecting the cards for the card drive.

Sean's family requested that people do act of kindness to others in his memory, because Sean himself was a guy who did many kind things to others and I couldn't think of a better way to honor that request than by continuing this card drive in his memory.

The card drive will start in October. Not right now. This is just an update.

Now, I know many of you work in advance and I would like to mention that this year we requested that people limit the card they send to maximum 100 cards per person.

Before anyone get upset, please let me explain my reason. A couple months ago my one and only niece from my side of the family was diagnosed with Leukemia. She is only 5 years old & currently going through intensive chemo. I am planning to visit her in Singapore where she's being treated.

As you can imagine, this is devastating news for our family & we are rallying behind her to get her beat this.

Also, I have business trip that required me to go out of the country during the card drive. So, we decided to do this change to help keep things manageable and to keep my sanity. My niece well being and being with my family is my priority and yes, I have to maintain my full time job as well.

There are a lot of works behind the scene for the card drive and all my helpers are doing this voluntarily outside our full time job, etc. The only way we can continue is by making changes when necessary.

I hope you all understand. This would be our 9 years doing the card rive and I can't thank you enough for your continuous support. We have grown so much from our 1st year. From only 750 cards to over 64,000 cards.

Your contribution touch people lives whether we know them or not. Thank you for your understanding and stay tune for the card drive announcement on Oct. 1, 2018.

 "Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time. " Ron Hall
I hope that answers some questions, and inspires you to participate this year.
Looking forward to seeing your beautiful artwork,
Happy crafting,


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  2. Hi there, I live in Ottawa and it would make more sense for me to drop my cards off to you then to mail them to you. Is there a way that we can arrange that? Thanks for your help!
    Christine Toffolo

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    2. Hi there, I'm available any day this week to drop off the cards. Which day is best for you? Thank you so much!

    3. Hi Christine,
      I'm at work all day tomorrow (Friday Nov. 9th), but my son is home and can accept delivery of the cards. Next week I'm home Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning. Let me know which day you plan to come and I can make sure I'm in at that time.

    4. Hi there,

      I will drop them off tomorrow in the late morning if that's okay. I will have 52 cards to drop off.

      Thank you again for doing this! It is so appreciated!


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