Sunday 17 June 2012

The Only Hero I Need...

CTMH "Superhero" paper pack
This is the card my 17-year-old son made for his dad.  He designed the whole thing himself, with just a few suggestions from me (use of foam tape, adding DP to the inside).  Because the colours: cranberry, sunkiss yellow, and moonstruck meet this week's Color My Heart--Color Dare #4, Triadic colours, I'm going to post it there, in my son's name.

The message inside is the best part:

My son, describing making the card to the family group at dinner this evening, including my brother- and father-in-law, said, "Those stamps, its like magic! You put this clear sticky thing on the block, add some ink and you get this great design!" Maybe it won't be the last card he makes ;)

Tear-eyed dad, receiving the card.

Happy Father's Day to all the heroes out there...


  1. Great card from your son & even better story :)

  2. Such a great card, Caroline! Looks like you've got competition for use of your stash now!!

  3. So cute, and I love it that your son actually wanted to make a card for his dad!

  4. Hi Caroline,

    Your son is really good at that. Good thing you had some boy papers for him to work with! I love the layout and the use of foam tape and DPs on the inside :) Oh, and the sentiment is priceless. Thanks for playing along at Color My Heart! We hope to have you back.


  5. Please tell J great job! I look forward to the LO capturing this story ;-)

    xox, Muggie


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