Wednesday 16 January 2013

The NAME frame...featuring SUPER-CAL!

I saw this UBER-cute idea on on Amy's blog (see original post, HERE) for a name-frame she created for her daughter. She's been making them again recently for some new nieces and nephews. HERE is a link to Jayme's' blog, where Amy first saw the frame idea, which gives some instructions and  measurements.

Anyway! My nephew just turned seven (a SUPER age) and his parents threw a wonderful, super-hero theme party, complete with decorate-your-own capes, shooting villains with silly string, obstacle courses and a hot-lava dance (musical chairs, Gangnam-style!). So a super-hero name-frame seemed just the thing!

I used all kinds of goodies from CTMH's Superhero paper pack, along with some double-stick THICKERs letters, and Martha Stewart glitter.
Great glitter and dimension with the THICKER letters.
He also received a matching birthday card, with a slide-up feature, which I constructed according to instructions on a Paper Wishes webisode on making cards with moveable parts (see the video HERE, and make sure to check the link to the Ribbon Slider Treat Pocket card).
Paper rosette trimmed into a POW! starburst shape
LOVE that Gotham-city sky-line stamp!

For the moveable part, you undo the ribbon at the top, and tug on one end, which pulls up a photo of:  SUPER-Cal!
(I tried to hide his face--sort of unsuccessfully--I know there are photo-editing programs out there that allow you to pixilate--any suggestions welcome!). There was also a secret enclosure on the back of the card, with a nice new PLASTIC Canadian $20 bill.

It all made for one happy superhero and a happy aunt, too.

Happy crafting,


  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE it! This turned out so super cute!!!

  2. Oh wow, I LOVE how it turned out! I'm so glad you shared itwith me!!

  3. Oh wow! This turned out so well, I love it!!! What a lucky guy that calvin is!

  4. I know the name frame and the care were both total hits because he showed it off to me via Skype!!

  5. Caroline this is phenomenal!!! That layout is perfection. The rosette turned starburst is out of this world genius. Awesome awesome awesome design!!!


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