Sunday 24 March 2013

A Glutton for Punishment... 10-Min Craft Dash #14

I tried out the "10-Minute Craft Dash" a couple of week' ago, with mixed results on my part (see HERE & HERE).
For some reason, that challenge just, well, ticks me off! You'd think creating a card within a 10 minute window, especially as you're allowed to assemble your materials ahead of time, would be easy. Not so much!
The challenge was calling to me again, this week:
I thought I'd CASE a card by Jennifer McGuire, from the Online Card Classes Pattern Play. So I didn't even have to do any real thinking! Here's how it began:

However, this lovely creation
took me 20:05 minutes!  I thought I had it all figured out, but last-minute design decisions (chuck the embossed card base, too busy; trim the new kraft base two times! twiddle with the spacing between the elements; ditch the felt flower, too big; substitute the second smaller piece of patterned paper for the original solid get the picture!) made this WAYYYYY long.

So. Again, my pride (or something!?) was pricked and I had to give it a second try. I decided to make something that LOOKS complicated, but actually is easy. I bought this template from Paper Wishes a while back, and hadn't yet tried it out. A pinwheel card with double-sided paper was the new goal.
Here's what the template looks like:
It involves tracing and hand-cutting (time-consuming!), but I was banking on the dimensional design to give that wow-factor. I was able to use one of the strips I cut from the first card as the flower stem (not cheating, right? it was just sitting on my desk...), had a LITTLE trouble getting the brad through 10 layers of paper, die-cut the flag-leaf, stuck it all down and VOILA! Only 9:32!
Simple but cute!
I'm going to link this one up to the Moxie Fab Challenge: Spring Home Decor. You could actually take this off the card and stick it into a flower pot for some funky bring-on-spring greenery.

Whew. Enough for now...

Happy crafting,


  1. awesome the pinwheel!

  2. Both the cards are beautiful!!! I love the design of the first one and the pin wheel on the second one is adorable!
    Thanks so much for joining us at the 10 Minute Craft Dash - I hope we'll see you again soon :)

  3. I'm so glad that you were persistent and decided to give my challenge another go- it paid off! Both of these cards are lovely, but I particularly love that pinwheel card! Super fun and I'm impressed you were able to do it within the time limit.

    Thank you for joining in the 10 Minute Craft Dash, Caroline!

  4. Ha, ha...I've tried timed cards before...a big no-go for me! I love the pinwheel...that's a very cute template! Visiting from the Moxie Fab challenge.

  5. I think you are brave to try to make something in under ten minutes - that totally intimidates me. The pinwheel card is very cute!

  6. Haha... I LOVE your honesty when you say the challenge ticks you off! But I am glad that doesn't deter you - I love both cards! The pinwheel is MAJOR wow factor for a short time frame! Thanks so much for playing along at the Craft Dash - I have a feeling we'll see you again! ;)

  7. That pinwheel has a major WOW factor!! Love the two-sided cardstock an how it makes this pop. Cracks me up that you were too mad to NOT finish a card in under 10 minutes so you had to keep going. LOL!

  8. Thanks for the chuckle... love that you had to give it another go. Both cards are great!

  9. Super cute with the pinwheel.

  10. FUN pinwheel. Love the results of your 10-minute projects.

  11. Love how the center of the pinwheel looks like a flower! Love your project! Found you by your Moxie Fab entry!

  12. Gorgeous flower/pinwheel! Good luck with the Moxie Fab challenge and congrats on finishing the craft dash!


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