Thursday 22 December 2011

The Sweat-shop is in Business...

 For the last few years, my husband has given hand-rolled beeswax candles to his co-workers and staff. He makes the candles and gets help with the labels and bows, from whoever happens to be in the house at that time--me, our sons, their that they are ready to distribute before Christmas. This year we ordered the beeswax as usual from CandleWic, but got a rude shock when we collected the package from Fed-Ex--about 30% duty $$ on top of higher-than-before shipping charges, all because we are now in Canada and the company is in the US. We will have to locate a Canadian supplier!

Anyway, it is a wonderfully satisfying thing to do--the beeswax smells so good! And people just love to receive them, and can't believe my husband did them himself.
The other must-do pre-Christmas activity is the making of pajama bottoms. I used to do complete sets for my husband and sons, but they never wore the tops, so now I just do the bottoms. And I have an increasing number of other "sons" who have come to expect a pair... The fun and challenge is to find flannelette in patterns that have something to do with the hobbies/interests of the recipients: fishing, music, penguins, birds, skate-boarding, basketball, goth, the list goes on!  This is a photo from last year's batch, as I am still sewing today, December 22nd. Time to get back to it...

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  1. The wrapping job on the set of candles for Jane was gorgeous and much commented on... and she about died when I told her the candles were hand made :-)


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