Friday 9 November 2012

The First Four...

My first post!
Amy Tsuruta had an intriguing idea this week: to celebrate the fifth anniversary of her blog, she DARED her followers to share the first four cards they ever posted.  She led the way (see her post HERE). Its interesting to see both style and photography know-how change along the way...

As its only just over a year since I started my blog, I don't think there's been that much evolution, although I did learn how to add a watermark, and now I know not to include FOUR cards per photo,  and to display them the right way up... Okay, definite learning curve.

Here are #2 and #3:
Interactive "never-ending" card see link HERE

A hand-cut swing card, before I knew there were dies to do it for you!
The last one is the first of my Xmas tags for 2011--which kind of brings me full circle, as that is what i am working on just now.

Just thinking over the past year, makes me realize what a rich one it has been. I have worked on one design team, been in the "Trendsetting Spotlight," participated in "The Mother of All Blog-Hops," won some serious swag in give-aways, found some inspiring peeps to "follow," and have made MANY kind and generous virtual friends in the process. Not a bad way to spend a year!

So thank you, Amy, for that trip down Memory Lane. I wish you many more happy years of blogging!

Cheers! (with your shears)


  1. This post cracked me up! Love your comments on that first photo....of all the things I have seen in these posts, I would say improvement in photos is the number one thing!

  2. okay, #1...woot woot for a fellow Canadian:)

    Isn't it fun to look back but it's really the journey isn't it? The paper crafting community is fabulous!

    That's alotta cards on your first post! love the breakdowns on each one and oh my, that tag is adorable!

    Thanks so much for linking up!!!!

  3. Thank you for the giggle! Happy I could assist with the watermark... love your sense if humour and so admire your journey.

    xox, Muggie

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  5. What a great post Caroline, you do have a great sense of humour and a real talent for writing! I really liked seeing your journey through this year, what a great idea for a blog post :)

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